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August 2011
    08/03/2011 - 3D-MC2 adds business for 55-year-old excavating company
       Browns Excavating Inc. (BEI) is a veteran firm, established in 1955 by Charles Charlie Brown as a company focused mainly on doing residential basements. According to current owner and president Eric Brown, his fathers timing was no accident.
    08/03/2011 - Topcon helps move students from theory to reality
       Prior to the start of the fall 2010 semester, MVCC made its second purchase under the Topcon assistance program and acquired four GPT-3105W total stations. In addition to the savings, MVCC has received several visits from Topcon representatives....
    08/03/2011 - HiPer Lite+ invaluable at NOAA site
       Combine environmental restrictions, underwater construction, challenging weather, delays in permitting and a tight schedule on a high-profile federal construction project. This is exactly the scenario that West Coast Contractors faced.
    08/03/2011 - Topcon products aid Corps in flood control
       The New Orleans District Corps of Engineers recently tried to determine if a stage control structure built near Zachary, La., in East Baton Rouge Parish was constructed according to design tolerances.
February 2011
    02/01/2011 - Millimeter GPS keeps JFK Airport milling on track
       JFKs 13R-31L (Bay) Runwaythe nations 3rd longest at 14,572 feetwas resurfaced in early 2010 with an 18-inch layer of concrete to yield an expected maintenance savings of $500 million over an expected 40-year life span.
    02/01/2011 - Network news
       Birmingham, Alabama-based Topcon dealer Earl Dudley, Inc., owns and cooperatively operates 80+ separate reference stations as part of a four-state network RTK effort it calls iNET.
    02/01/2011 - Celery Fields Forever: 3D-MC2 perfect fit
       Sarasota County recently contracted with Lee Mar Construction on a major $7.2 million expansion of the Celery Fields Stormwater Facility (CFSF), a natural flood mitigation zone.
    02/01/2011 - Improvements are no accident with laser scanning onboard
       Forensic engineering is the ability to reconstruct an accident or mechanical failure to determine its likely cause. It is also the specialty of Momentum Engineering Corporation (MEC) of Torrance, Calif.
August 2010
    08/23/2010 - Revised mine regulation prompts change in surveying approach
       When forced to find an alternative method for how its customers stockpiles of coal and aggregate could be verified, PERC Engineering supplemented its traditional surveying strengths with a GLS-1000 laser scanner from Topcon Positioning Systems.
    08/23/2010 - IP-S2 speeds Virginia highway assessment
       Maintaining roadway system assets across vast geographic areas such as the entire state of Virginia is a daunting task. The fact that state budgets are being squeezed by declining tax revenues does not make this labor-intensive task any easier to justify.
    08/23/2010 - Racing season - Topcon vs. the competition
       Saying it is one thingbut how do you prove it? The answer: you line the system up head-to-head against its main competitorand let the results speak for themselves. Thats exactly what Topcon did at its May Technology Roadshow in Livermore, California
    08/23/2010 - Robotics accelerate Gainesville Utility GIS
       Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), one of Floridas largest utilities, added equipment from Topcon Positioning Systems to enhance data-collection which is critical to its geographical information systems (GIS) effort.
April 2010
    04/06/2010 - 3D-MC2 makes up for lost time
       Reconstruction of the longest runway at the Mitchell, South Dakota Municipal Airport had fallen behind by about two weeks due to wet weather, Bowes Construction - the grading contractor - had Topcon's 3D-MC2 to make up for lost time.
    04/06/2010 - A map of hope
       In today's increasingly interconnected global society, geospatial technology is revolutionizing the way we interpret the world around us.
    04/06/2010 - GNSS accelerates world speed record
       In the summer of 2010 an all-volunteer team of 44 wants to attempt to break the world land speed record of 763 miles per hour and reach 800 mph. Analyzing the impacts of speed and sound on the car requires an enormous quantity of data.
    04/06/2010 - Technology 'gold' for Alaska mine project
       Combine Alaska's vast spaces and the high walls and large excavation and hauling equipment movement inherent in mining, and you don't exactly have a surveyor's optimal working environment.
March 2010
    03/15/2010 - More detailed measurements - shorter time.
       Tanaka-Gumi recently undertook a slope reinforcement project along Route 336 in Erimo-cho, Hokkaido. To survey the high slope, Tanaka-Gumi used Topcon GPT-9000A robotic total station with ImageMaster 3D image processing software.
    03/15/2010 - System 110 ideal for water-filled paddy preparation.
       Yamazaki Farm is located in Kashiwa-city, Chiba, a commuter town of the Tokyo metropolis. Yamazaki Farm has been expanding rice production contrary to the general trend in Japan.
December 2009
    12/10/2009 - Moving mountains with Millimeter GPS
       Volkswagen’s new assembly plant in the Chattanooga,Tennessee area, represents an investment estimated at $1 billion. The facility is expected to create 2,000 jobs. Plans call for three interconnected buildings with 1.9 million square feet under roof.
    12/10/2009 - Fairground from farm field
       "The new Lake County fairground is literally a 'green field' site," explained Ruben Cuevas, chief surveyor of Lake County Grading Co., LLC. "It was a piece of farmland when we started. We had to do a massive amount of earthwork...."
    12/10/2009 - Foresight in survey education
       In these days of declining tax revenues, state-supported colleges and universities find it nearly impossible to pay full price for today's high-end surveying equipment.
    12/10/2009 - Chicago police station on schedule, costs down
       A new police station is scheduled for completion by June 2010 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Construction of the two-story, 79,000-square-foot foundation, began during the second week of October 2008....
September 2009
    09/19/2009 - Surveyors tap technology for mapping wells
       Servicing the scores of oil and gas companies holding leases on mineral rights in the forest has become a focus for a number of surveying firms in the area, including Bradford, PA-based Lang Surveying.
    09/19/2009 - Reedy Creek Dam project
       Olin Ellsworth may be twenty-something but he considers himself old-school when it comes to construction work.
    09/19/2009 - X63 gives precise control for deep cuts
       In early 2009, Haydon Building Corp., Phoenix, was awarded a $7.9 million contract by the Town of Gilbert, a suburb located southeast of Phoenix, for bridge widening and roadway section improvements among other work along Higley Road, a major north-south
May 2009
    05/05/2009 - Farm profits grow with precision agriculture
       Nestled in the gentle rolling hills of west-central Minnesota is Nuest Farms. Steve Nuest and his son Chad, feed, water and watch over 5,700 acres of growing crops near the town of Hancock.
    05/05/2009 - Reconstructed acid mine drainage system
       The Mountain Watershed Association, Melcroft, Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) recently awarded a contract to Berner Construction of Gap, Pennsylvania, to reconstruct a failed acid mine dra
    05/05/2009 - Upgraded paving system a difference of 'night and day'
       ...One of those was the $6.6 million Maunaloa Highway paving project which involved laying down better than 30,000 tons of asphalt. The road itself is one of the main thoroughfares to and from the relatively busy Kaunakakai Harbor...
    05/05/2009 - A Survey for the ages
       The Canyon de Chelly National Monument is one of the richest archaeological resources on the planet. Located in northeast Arizona, this unit of the National Park Service encompasses 83,840 acres....
February 2009
    02/03/2009 - Topcon GIS receiver key to solar car win
       When the University of Michigan set out to win the North American Solar Challenge in 2008 with its solar car, Continuum, the university contacted Topcon Positioning Systems.
    02/03/2009 - Millimeter GPS™ makes for smooth ride
       In these days of high asphalt costs, contractors are very concerned about asphalt yield. Especially if they’re paid by the square yard, they don’t want to lay the mat extra thick just to be extra-sure they meet the spec.
    02/03/2009 - Carving championship golf into rock rim
       After reviewing the topography map, pacing the rock shelves and considering the slopes, the architects began to see that carving championship golf into the rock rim just might be possible.
January 2009
    01/30/2009 - Excavator system speeds up hill-climb track construction
       Australian contractor Goldsmith Civil & Environmental recently completed a complex hill-climb motor racing track. The Haunted Hills track was designed for Gippsland Car Club.
    01/30/2009 - Tight tolerances met for Lucas Oil Stadium
       The new 63,000-plus-seat Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis is designed for multi-purpose use, thanks largely to a first-of-its-kind retractable roof.
December 2008
    12/08/2008 - Topcon Millimeter GPSTM used in airport runway resurfacing
       Mill off one inch of pavement of the 7,400-foot long (including blast pads), 150-foot-wide runway and then overlaying it with two inches of asphalt in less than 60 hours. That was the task required of Barnhill Contracting Company in the resurfacing of the
    12/08/2008 - Satellite technology takes away guess work
       Trying to find guys who know what they’re doing is really tough,” he says. That is one of the reasons why it seemed such a good investment when BYZ recently began outfitting its site-prep machines with GNSS (global navigation satellite system) machine
    12/01/2008 - Perfect trim with Millimeter GPSTM on 20-year-old grader
       An Australian grader owner/operator has recently fitted Topcon’s Millimeter GPS™ to his 20-year-old Caterpillar 12G grader – and is getting the same millimeter accuracy and productivity as operators with the latest model graders.
November 2008
    11/03/2008 - Alabama firm’s CORS network is ‘cooler’ than most
       Already GPS savvy, PolySurveying knew that having access to data from a local CORS could further improve performance and efficiency. Unfortunately, the Mobile area, while rich in beauty, was poor in CORS. With no apparent help from the state forthcoming,
June 2008
    06/30/2008 - Total station straightens out Vegas installation
       Embassy Glass are specialists at installing unitized curtain wall systems — the skin of a glass and steel building. At the World Market Center (WMC), the Las Vegas-based glazier was recently faced with one of the most challenging installs in recent memo
    06/28/2008 - Topcon GPS plays key role in major Queensland pipeline
       The population of South East Queensland, an area of Australia that includes Brisbane and Gold Coast, is growing and the increase in immigration to the area is expected to continue the growth trend over the next two decades.
    06/28/2008 - GPS capability soars in airport expansion project
       With 200+ employees and annual sales in excess of $30 million, Union Concrete Construction Co. (UCC) is one of Western New York’s larger general contractors. Experts at bridge work, excavation, highway reconstruction and more...
    06/26/2008 - College benefits from Topcon Educational Partnership program
       In spring 2008, instructor Rich Lang and surveying students at Bates Technical College in Tacoma, WA developed an as-built survey for Tacoma Power, which had installed underground wiring at 27-acre Wright Park in Tacoma...
    06/26/2008 - Millimeter GPS on trimmer saves time, money
       What more could a road builder want? On a Texas tollway project, a GPS-equipped road base trimmer automatically steers itself, cuts grade to within ¼ (0.25) inch, and takes the place of two motor graders, says the contractor.
May 2008
    05/05/2008 - GMS-2 allows county to easily find road signs, cut costs
       Justin Burns is the GIS coordinator of the St. Clair County, Michigan, Road Commission, and he knows how important it is to be able to accurately locate any of the more than 30,000 road signs his crews are responsible for...
    05/05/2008 - Snow, cold no deterrent to Topcon’s GMS-2
       New York state’s estimated 11,000 miles of snowmobile trails—and the fact that they need to be mapped and marked for navigation and safety—inspired Steve Hubertus and Christopher Barr, Jim and Jason Ball, and Chuck Hathaway to...
    05/05/2008 - TopCAL GPS+ Network ‘shines’ in machine control applications
       The TopCAL network, owned and operated by Topcon California, spans north of Sacramento to the southern reaches of the San Francisco Bay Area. First tested in 2003, TopCAL is the largest privately owned machine-control network...
    05/05/2008 - Paving schedule, accuracy no problem with Millimeter GPS™
       Mill off one inch of pavement of the 7400-foot long (including blast pads), 150-foot-wide runway and then overlaying it with two inches of asphalt in less than 60 hours. That was the task required of Barnhill Contracting Company.
January 2008
    01/21/2008 - ESS Engineering plows into football field grading
       After years in the excavation business, Jeff Swanson found his way to the football field. Thats because theres a new generation of field surface that makes the original Astroturf a relic of the past. High schools across the country are looking to the ch
    01/10/2008 - Paving for asphalt smoothness at night.
       The goal for P.J. Keating Company of Lunenburg, Massachusetts was simple: Do the best possible paving job by exceeding state specifications in all applicable areas.
    01/10/2008 - Schneider Excavating more than just another company that moves dirt.
       Steve Ristow is a classic "early-adopter" when it comes to technology and Schneider motor graders, dozers and excavators all have extensive arrays of Topcon GPS antennas, sensors and computer-based control systems.
    01/10/2008 - Slurry Pavers relies on Topcon instruments to grow
       Things weren't looking so good for the Road Reclamation division of Slurry Pavers. Slurry was unwilling to abandon the opportunities company officials knew existed in the reclamation area. Slurry Pavers moved Larry Roberts into the manager's position.
December 2007
    12/04/2007 - From outer space to the dinner table
       California's Central Valley is a very unusual place. On one hand, it's one of the world's most productive agricultural areas where the ancient art of farming is truly practiced on an industrial scale. But, it's also virtually next door to Silicon Valley.
    12/03/2007 - Topcon instruments go the distance
       What does it take for man and machine to measure up to the tallest volcano in the world? Or, for that matter, the tallest mountain in the Americas?
    12/03/2007 - Topcon LazerZone™ used in major road widening project
       Idaho Sand & Gravel Company and its subcontractors were given 236 working days to complete the Maple Grove Road project to widen a major travel artery in the Treasure Valley area of Boise from two lanes to five lanes, including construction of two ...
    12/03/2007 - Surveying technology 'launches' spaceport
       The surveying engineering department at New Mexico State University's (NMSU) Las Cruces campus identified a unique field project opportunity when the state of New Mexico committed to being the home to "Spaceport America", the nation's first commercial ...
August 2007
    08/08/2007 - Time saved on Shadow Lake project with 3DXi
       JAM Grading, Trucking & Demolition, a Nebraska-based contractor, had 400,000 yards of material to remove for a 47-acre horseshoe shaped lake, Shadow Lake. Shadow Lake would be the crown jewel of the 700 home development....
    08/08/2007 - Learning technology just a matter of 'want to'
       Grant Garrett of Garrett Excavating, Inc., in Hot Springs, Arkansas won a bid in the fall of 2006 to move 800,000 yards of dirt on a 122.5-acre plat where a multi-purpose development is being constructed.
    08/08/2007 - High tech comes to the high plains of Montana
       Imagine a business in which demand for your product increases every year without fail, but the price you are paid remains constant - or actually declines - while your costs grow at, or above, the rate of inflation.
June 2007
    06/28/2007 - Topcon digs into Mexico's ancient history
       An anthropologist at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Guerrero and a small international team have been digging up dirt on the Purépecha Empire - both literally and figuratively - since 2001.
    06/25/2007 - Cumbria Constabulary uses Topcon's GPT-7000i to capture evidence
       Cumbria Constabulary Collision Investigation Unit investigates around 200 serious fatal and serious road collisions as well as being involved in serious crime scenes and industrial accidents.
March 2007
    03/16/2007 - Becco Relies on Topcon Millimeter GPS™ for Fast-Paced Projects
       Becco Contractors, Inc., had just 325 days to complete a major contract on I-44 near downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The project only incorporates 2,000 feet of roadway, but it's six lanes wide and has two major interchanges.
    03/16/2007 - Herrick & Salsbury expands productivity with Topcon's GR-3 RTK
       We are a relatively small company, so when we got the chance to supply surveying services for a large environment remediation project we knew it would take some innovative thinking to make sure we could handle it and still serve our existing clients.
February 2007
    02/07/2007 - Slurry Pavers gains ground with Topcon's Millimeter GPS+
       Topcon's 3D-MC gave Slurry Pavers the ability to use existing surface models created by his customer or produce his own as-built models from stakes and offsets given to him.
January 2007
    01/22/2007 - W.N. Couch keeps the flow going with Topcon GMS-110
       "The GMS-110 is simple to use, and the FC-100 data collector eliminates entry errors. Right now we're doing locates as we do replacements, and it takes just a few minutes for each one. In the past we've done locates separately from the replacements ..."
June 2006
    06/21/2006 - Topcon's GMS-2 Provides Mapping Solution for Roseburg Resources
       Roseburg Resources uses Topcon's GMS-2 for forest management.
    06/20/2006 - Topcon's GMS-2 Expedites Fire Hydrant Inventory
       Jonathan Bedsole, P.E., staff engineer for Athens Utilities Water Services Dept., used Topcon's GMS-2 to speed up collection of fire hydrant locations for fire insurance rate certifications.
    06/16/2006 - Topcon Helps Polysurveying Prepare for Hurricane Season
       Polysurveying installed a Topcon CORS reference station to expedite flood elevation certificates
May 2006
    05/18/2006 - Markham Brings in Grademaker to Recover Yardage
       Markham Contracting brought a fine grading special and Millimeter GPS in to meet deadlines on the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, AZ.
    05/18/2006 - Young Contractors Eliminates Staking with Topcon's Millimeter GPS
       Young Contractors eliminated grade staking on Highway 6 with Topcon Millimeter GPS.
    05/02/2006 - Dealer Demo Sells Pulice on Topcon's Millimeter GPS+
April 2006
    04/25/2006 - G.T. Sirizzotti switches to Topcon for accuracy
       G.T. Sirizzotti switched from another brand to Topcon's Millimeter GPS to gain more accuracy in finish grades.
    04/18/2006 - McCarthy chooses Topcon's Millimeter GPS for bluetop accuracy
       Challenged by compressed time schedules on the Port of Houston projects, McCarthy recently purchased Topcon's 3D-GPS+ automatic machine control system and Millimeter GPS/LazerZone to expedite subgrade preparation.
    04/17/2006 - C.W. Matthews Helps Georgia DOT Evaluate Topcon's Millimeter GPS
       CW Matthews is meeting GDOT subgrade tolerances with Topcon's Millimeter GPS.
March 2006
    03/24/2006 - Topcon's HiPer XT Cures Layout Frustrations for JH Excavating
       JH Excavating uses Topcon's HiPer XT for layout - and gets paid for it.
    03/17/2006 - Topcon's Millimeter GPS+ Cuts Subgrade Costs for Barnhill
       Barnhill Contracting Company reduced subgrade costs and increased production with Topcon's Millimeter GPS+.
    03/17/2006 - C.C. Mangum Chooses Topcon over the Other Brand
       C.C. Mangum compared brands of GPS systems and chose Topcon.
    03/17/2006 - Topcon and Dealer Support Expedite Sewer Project for Rankin
       Rankin and Son Excavating use Topcon's HiPer Lite+ survey system to speed work on a cross-country sanitary sewer.
    03/10/2006 - Topcon's GPT-7000i solves measurement issues for ENGlobal
       ENGlobal has experienced a new level of speed and accuracy with the GPT-7000i.
February 2006
    02/28/2006 - Topcon's HiPer XT Improves Survey Productivity
       Von Geldern Engineering saves field survey time with Topcon's HiPer XT
    02/20/2006 - Special Report: Topcon Revolutionizes Agricultural Land Leveling
       Topcon's GPS+ ag products offer many advantages for agricultural producers and land leveling contractors.
    02/17/2006 - New Berlin Grading
       Topcon GPS allows grading job to meet deadline.
January 2006
    01/20/2006 - Georgia DOT Evaluates Millimeter GPS
       Georgia DOT allows Topcon Millimeter GPS in place of trimmer.
December 2005
    12/24/2005 - Topcon Wins Side-by-side Shootout with Brady
       Brady Construction compared two GPS systems before making a purchase decision. Topcon outperformed the other system
    12/19/2005 - SLCRC Chooses Topcon for Rapid Rail Project
       Salt Lake City Rail Contructors compared brands before making the decision to use Topcon for construction layout and machine control.
November 2005
    11/23/2005 - Bridges Chooses Topcon GTS-832A for Fast Layout
       Bridges Land Survey Services reduced field crew time with Topcon's GPS+ and GTS-823A robotic total station
    11/21/2005 - Topcon Millimeter GPS Doubles Surveyor's Production!
       "We used to use a total station for laying out curbs. Usually curb staking has to have an accuracy of around four-hundredths. GPS alone will be running around seven or eight hundredths. We set the LazerZone up and it gets it dead on.
    11/21/2005 - Seravalli Saves Labor Costs with Topcon Millimeter GPS+
       Seravalli Contractors used Topcon's Millimeter GPS+ / LazerZone for precision grading of athletic fields for the Philadelphia Board of Education.
    11/09/2005 - Special Report - GPS Warning System for Dozer
       Topcon 3D-GPS+ installed on dozer at coal loading faciltiy warns operators of hazardous areas.
    11/06/2005 - Topcon Jets L&T Through Runway Work
       L&T Construction uses Topcon 3D-GPS+ to control pan scrapers on runway project.
    11/03/2005 - Topcon 3D-GPS+: Bluetop Accuracy for Scrapers
       Browning Construction uses Topcon 3D-GPS+ to control pan scrapers on warehouse site.
    11/02/2005 - Neri Carves Picture-perfect Basins with Topcon 3D-GPS+
       Neri Contractors and Excavators uses Topcon 3D-GPS+ on multiple machines to speed up complex grading tasks.
October 2005
    10/10/2005 - Topcon 3Di-GPS+ Speed-up Subdivisions for Gillespie
       "I'm setting the grades a little high, just to give us something to trim with. Topcon's 3D-GPS+ indicate is running within a tenth. For a scraper, that's excellent. I can tell where I'm at on the project. The plan view and graphics are real good."
September 2005
    09/30/2005 - Larry Jacinto Construction - GPS+ Offers Many Advantages
       Larry Jacinto Corporation uses Topcon 3D-GPS+ to eliminate grade staking on site prep projects.
    09/20/2005 - Stice Company - Topcon 3D-GPS+ System Pays for Itself
       Stice Company is a family owned and operated business, primarily engaged in site preparation for subdivisions. They purchased Topcon GPS+ construction survey and machine control to stay ahead of the competition and offer their clients state-of-the-art..
    09/02/2005 - Genesis engineering - TopNET RTK in California
       Remember the days when we had to go inside to use a landline phone when we wanted to call someone? It wasn't that long ago. Today cellular systems and service providers blanket the world with coverage. Soon it will be the same for GPS positioning instr...
    09/02/2005 - Arnold W. Carlson, PLS PC - TopNET in North Carolina
       "Land is becoming more expensive with every breath we take - every breath." Arnold Carson looks you straight in the eye, intent on making his point. "The liability associated with surveying that land is compounded just like the value of the land is."
August 2005
    08/29/2005 - Topcon Cuts Grading and Staking Time in Half
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    08/24/2005 - Topcon Expedites New Flyover to Cape Cod
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    08/16/2005 - Topcon 3D-GPS+ Improves Operator Productivity
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    08/16/2005 - Topcon 3D-GPS+ Accuaracy Impresses MNDOT
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    08/16/2005 - Topcon 3D-GPS+ Pays Off Fast for L&K
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February 2004
    02/12/2004 - Schedule Condensed By 66% With Help From Hiper Lite
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January 2004
    01/13/2004 - Topcon chosen after two years of extensive research
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    01/13/2004 - No downtime thanks to Topcon 3D-GPS+
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    01/13/2004 - HiPer+ blasts through production deadlines
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October 2003
    10/29/2003 - Productivity Takes Off At Fifth Runway
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    10/29/2003 - Cable-Free GPS System Perfect Fit For Developer
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    10/29/2003 - GPS+ Controls 14.5 Million Cubic Yard Cut and Fill
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    10/28/2003 - 3D-GPS speeds work, gives competitive edge.
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September 2003
    09/29/2003 - Laser control keeping stride with fast-paced grading jobs
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    09/24/2003 - GPS+ and RC-2 prove their worth on fast-paced job
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    09/16/2003 - GPS+ systems put irrigation project on fast track
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